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If you have been diagnosed with cancer, there are simple steps you can take to radically improve your situation, support your treatment, and reduce your risk of recurrence.


Read on to discover what these steps are.

Seven Elements of Healing

Cancer is a rare disease when we live in harmony with nature. However, most of us have become disconnected from a natural way of living;
the result being higher rates of cancer than ever before.

You can re-discover your connection with a natural way of living by exploring our Seven Elements of Healing. These elements are all important to address, and by engaging with all seven, you will harness their synergistic power. This will allow you to maximise your healing potential.

Watch our video to discover how you can work with the Seven Elements of Healing
through our online programme

I feel very lucky to have participated in the Programme. I particularly enjoyed your approach to healing. Combining both scientific research and practical advice.


To me, it brought a different understanding of health and happiness in the modern world. 


Thank you.

Dainora D.

I've really struggled coming to terms with my diagnosis, but the programme helped me gradually explore the potential imbalances that might have triggered my disease and the message cancer was perhaps trying to give me. I felt supported on my journey to discover myself , and empowered with very practical recommendations to drive positive change for my body, mind and spirit.  All this well grounded in research and science-backed information!​

Alex L.

Other Offerings

Talks and Events

Talks, webinars and workshops to nourish your mind, feed your soul, and connect with like-minded people



Connection Coaching

Personalised support helping you discover solutions for the areas of your life that need attention, and providing inspiration to keep you motivated on your healing journey

Free Resources

Materials for you to keep exploring, and ideas

on where to find

further support




What our approach can do for you

Guide you through the maze of

diet and lifestyle information

Allowing you to implement powerful dietary and lifestyle changes right away

Support you on your emotional journey

Helping you understand how to handle challenging emotions so that they support your healing, rather than undermine your recovery

Enable you to reconnect with a natural way of living

Encouraging you to re-discover your deep connection with loved ones, 

nature, and your true self

Reveal to you the power you hold

Inspiring you to tap into your inner wisdom and create the

conditions you need for optimal healing

Meet the Team

Liz Butler

Reg. Functional Nutrition &

Body-Mind Therapist

Co-founder of Cancer Clarity

Silvia Grisendi

Reg. Functional Nutrition &

Holistic Health Specialist

Co-founder of Cancer Clarity

Sarah Lumley

Nutritional Therapist &
Natural Chef  
Cancer Clarity Coach

Grace Loveday

Body-focused Therapist

Cancer Clarity Coach


"After decades supporting people with cancer and researching the nature of this disease, we have combined our knowledge on what most encourages healing with cutting-edge research to create a programme that allows people to discover the power they hold over their own wellbeing."


Thank you very much for your programme. I was expecting something good, but this went beyond my expectations and I am really happy I was able to follow it. 

I just learned that my cancer has once again recurred and I am due to surgery next week. But thanks to your program... I feel in charge! Which is the best.

Christine R.

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We provide information on how natural lifestyle changes can support recovery from cancer, and offer inspiration regarding the central role of each individual in their own healing process.


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